Monday Couple Shipper's Feeling

Who is Monday Couple shipper? Me me!!Hi MC lovers..I know since news about Ji Hyo' relationship,many fans out there that so sad and there is fans that bash Ji Hyo.Urghh,I know that feeling.First time I read about the news,I dont know how my feeling at that time.I think that RM will be not same anymore and I really felt sad about Gary.We know that Gary really like Ji Hyo,eventhough he said that Ji Hyo just like his sister and they just close friend.But,MC shipper can see what actually happen right.

But after read about Ji hyo relationship,I think that Monday Couple is just one-sided love.Maybe only Kang Gary just like Song Ji Hyo more than friend.And Kang Gary maybe take too much time to tell his true feeling.Sigh!Wae Gary oppa wae??Maybe some people just said that "hey,kang gary already said that ji hyo only his close friend,and he didn't felt anything about it",but if you're truly MC shipper,you know what exactly Gary felt :(

We know that gary is one person that really hard to lie.You can watch it on earlier episode of RM.He just some naive man that cant lie.So,how come he can lie about her feeling towrds Ji Hyo,and you all just watch MC on RM.Urgghh.I hope this just beginning of more MC moments.I hope maybe after this,there is miracle happen ^.^ Just hope!

MC = monday couple
RM = running man


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