My Own Personal Place

I really need my own place,my own personal room.Not means that I own that room,but my sister or my niece/nephew can make themself freely to enter my room,play on my bed and so many more!I just need my own personal place,as for me I love to stay at my bedroom.I can do whatever I want,I can read my fave book,lying on my bed and do some random stupid thing on myself.Haha.Like a kid hah?But I just love it.Sometimes,we just need some place or time to be with ourself,just alone.Think hard about life and so on.As for me,I just wish I can make my own personal bedroom just like all this picture below.Yeah yeah,I know that this is a tent,but do you think it lovely to have your own bedroom just like that.And you just alone!Well yeah,I dream for it!Like my besties said 'Naz memang suke sorang-sorang'.Yeah,thats my bad habit.But,not like forever I want to be alone.Maybe sometimes; for once a week or month. :) Maybe,I will buy the light/candles & cute 'kelambu' for my bedroom.

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