Le Papillon (The Butterfly)

Dulu pernah lagu Le Papillon ni dalam handphone kakak.Kakak cakap tu lagu bola.Tapi sebenarnya lagu daripada filem Le Papillon,filem Perancis yang bermaksud The Butterfly.Oucch,lagu ni sangat comel di mana budak perempuan tu banyak tanya soalan pada jiran dia yang boleh dianggap datuk itu.Korang baca la sinopsis sendiri.Heheh.Rasa nak tengok je movie ni :)
Julien, an aging widower, is a passionate butterfly collector. Elsa, a nine-year-old girl, with her mother, just moved into his apartment building. The mother is usually away, and Elsa starts visiting Julien. One day, Julien decides to go to the Vercors plateau in search for a rare butterfly called Isabelle which can live for only 72 hours. Elsa decides to join his adventure, without telling him.
Julien grudgingly agrees to let her stay. During the search Julien eventually reveals butterfly collecting was a hobby of his son, who then died very young. His son had asked Julien to find the Isabelle butterfly, and so this is why the butterfly was so important to Julien.
The story complicates when Elsa's mother reports her daughter kidnapped. (Wikipedia)


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