List Mania Challenge

  1. List 15 sports.
  2. List 15 annoying habits. 
  3. List 15 items of clothing (other than underwear).
  4. List 15 green vegetables.
  5. List 15 well-known animal characters from books, movies or cartoons. 
  6. List 15 creative excuses for not having your homework finished. (Ex: My dog ate it” is NOT creative!) Try and be funny with this!
  7. List 15 words that end in “p” and that are at least four letters long.
  8. List 15 facts about your state.
  9. List 15 words and phrases from Baseball, other than team positions.
  10. List 15 verbs that could sensibly be used instead of the word talked.
  11. List 15 famous women, other than singers.
  12. List 15 brand names of soap.
  13. List 15 musical instruments.
  14. List 15 things that drive parents crazy.
  15. List 15 well-known singers.
Assalamualaikum.Kita nak buat cabaran baru,list mania.Kihkih.Kalau tak reti,google dan wikipedia kan ada.
Source : Yourchallenge


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